Landscape Lighting


Subtle, dramatic outdoor lighting can bring out the magic of your landscape after the sun goes down.

Even from the comfort of indoors, you’ll watch through the windows as the play of lights and shadow highlight garden structures and greenery. The subtle, magical effect of professionally designed outdoor lighting is an interesting way to beautify your view at night.

Wall, under-counter or under-seating lighting further light and define the outline of your property’s structures.

Security. Without screaming SECURITY

A well-designed landscape lighting plan brings with it a sense of safety and security.

For example, attractive, low-voltage lighting solutions can make pathways lighter and more safe.

Up lighting through trees and down lighting on statues and garden accents enhance both beauty and security.

Quality lighting fixtures and installation

Serenity Creek brings you trusted options in outdoor lighting. High quality fixtures, such as Kichler outdoor lighting, are dependable and impressive.

Reduce the hassle of replacing bulbs with high quality, warrantied, LED lighting.

Serenity Creek stands behind you if you encounter any problems during the initial installation period. We also honor the manufacturer’s warranties of the lighting products we install.

Ready for a landscape that shines after dark? Contact us to turn up the drama.

Bring nature into your world with landscape designs and construction by Serenity Creek.

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