Water Features


As our name suggests, designing and building water features is one of the things we love best at Serenity Creek.

From low-maintenance boulder fountains and pondless waterfalls to elaborate winding creek beds, we have solutions that bring the cooling sounds and sights of water to your world.

Streams and waterfalls

Imagine a simple waterfall that flows into a quiet pond. Or beautifully solve a drainage problem with a dry creek bed.

Ask us about features such as bridges, terraced layers, creative access points and stepping-stones created by natural stonework.

Swimming pool landscapes

We can even work with your swimming pool contractor to design a resort-quality pool landscape.

A rocky surround can make a swimming pool seem like almost a part of nature.

Water feature plants and ecosystem

Serenity Creek can help you pick the plants and fish that will become a part of the unique, aquatic ecosystem you’ll be creating.

We take into account factors like the types and shapes of particular rocks, specific boulder placements and the way water flows through the design. Details like knowing the spots where fish like to hide can help you understand and manage the character of your outdoor aquatic environment.

As your pond or water feature acclimates to its setting, we can help you make any needed adjustments to water chemistry, plant life or fish.

Trust Serenity Creek for water features that create enduring beauty for years to come.

To bring the magic of water to your world, contact us.

Bring nature into your world with landscape designs and construction by Serenity Creek.

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