Sod & Seeded Lawns


A lush, green lawn. It’s a concept so simple, yet not always so easy to achieve.

"Nate was great to work with. He really listened to what we wanted and put together a great plan for our yard. Thank you!"

- Rebecca

To get thriving, green lawn you’ve always wanted, it’s essential to start with a plan.

It begins with an in-depth understanding of soil and climate and preparing the site appropriately. Selecting the right turf grass is another way to get your lawn off to a strong start.

At Serenity Creek, we can even help you pick the best times of the year to plant.

In the Central Illinois area, for example, fall planting gives you the best chance for success with less competition from weeds. Spring is another great time for planting.

Have a problem lawn area? We offer solutions for issues like these:
  • Erosion
  • Fill in after construction
  • Grading
  • Drainage problems
  • Storm damaged lawns

Ask us to improve or re-grade your existing residential or commercial lawn or provide a finished grade for new construction.

Have shady areas and frustrating bare spots? Let us help with alternative solutions, such as mulch or ground covers.

We can also help you save money on watering with sustainable landscape designs.

Ready to turn your world greener?

Bring nature into your world with landscape designs and construction by Serenity Creek.

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